2014 Results

Results of the 2014 Achill Sheep Show
We are currently uploading the 2014 pictures, but in the meantime please see our photo gallery for pictures from other years.

1) Cross Bred Ewe Lamb

Open Confined
1 Joe McEvilly John Ryan
2 Emily Kilkerr John Ryan
3 Sean Gallagher Lorraine Cafferkey
4 Kevin Moran Stephen Fadian

2) Pen 2 Cross Bred Hogget Ewes

Open Confined
1 Edward Scanlon Liam Brennan
2 John Ryan Liam Brennan
3 Mary McGing
4 Liam Brennan

3) Ewe Lamb

Open Confined
1 Tommy Chambers Gerard O Malley
2 Joe McEvilly Kathleen Lee
3 Tomas McGlynn Stephen O Malley
4 Kathleen Lee Stephen O Malley

4) Pen 2 Ewe Lambs

Open Confined
1 Kathleen Lee Gerard O Malley
2 Joe McGing Stephen O Malley
3 Tommy Chambers Grace Cooney
4 Ann O Malley Tomas McGlynn

5) Pen 2 Hogget Ewes

Open Confined
1 Joe McEvilly Ann O Malley
2 Kenneth McIntyre Rebecca Corrigan
3 John Fadian Jonathan Fadian
4 William McNea Peter O Malley

6) Pen 2 Aged ewes

Open Confined
1 Peter O Malley Stephen O Malley
2 Joe McEvilly Ann O Malley
3 Lorraine Cafferkey Sean Corrigan
4 Tommy Chambers Kieran O Malley

7) Ram Lamb

Open Confined
1 Tomas McGlynn Gerard O Malley
2 Lorraine Cafferkey Joe O Malley
3 Joe McEvilly Rebecca Corrigan
4 Michael Tommy Gallagher Raymond Cafferkey

8) Aged Ram

Open Confined
1 Stephen O Malley Kieran O Malley
2 Sean Gallagher Gerard O Malley
3 Padraic McHale Rebecca Corrigan
4 Stephen Fadian Tommy Gallagher

9) Hogget Ram

Open Confined
1 Padraic McHale Stephen O Malley
2 Peter O Malley Noel Cafferkey
3 Tommy Chambers Tommy Gallagher
4 Joe McEvilly Tristan O Malley

Overall Champion Confined (Martin O Malley Memorial Cup):  Gerard O Malley
Overall Champion (Patsy Gallagher Memorial Cup):  Peter O Malley