2015 Results

Results of the 2015 Achill Sheep Show
Please see our photo gallery for pictures from the day.

1)      Cross Bred Ewe Lamb

  Open Confined
1 Rory McNea Rebecca Corrigan
2 Kenneth McIntyre Orean Henry
3 Kenneth McIntyre Tony Gielty
4 PJ Kilker Brian Madden

2)      Cross Bred Hogget Ewe

  Open Confined
1 Glen Burke Stephen Grealis
2 Pat Chambers John Ryan
3 Sean O Keeffe Edward Fadian
4 Kenneth McIntyre David Cafferkey

3)      Ewe Lamb

  Open Confined
1 Gerard O Malley Stephen O Malley
2 Pat Chambers Kieran O Malley
3 Thomas McGlynn Ray Cafferkey
4 Tom Chambers Lee Mooney

4)      Pen 2 Ewe Lambs

  Open Confined
1 Thomas McGlynn Stephen O Malley
2 Pat Chambers Shane O Malley
3 Lorraine Cafferkey Joe O Malley
4 Joe McEvilly Michael Tommy Gallagher

5)      Pen 2 Hogget Ewes

  Open Confined
1 John Lee Gerard O Malley
2 Joe McEvilly Thomas McGlynn
3 Kenneth McIntyre Sean Corrigan
4 John Fadian Grace Cooney

6)      Pen 2 Aged ewes

  Open Confined
1 Willie McNea Stephen O Malley
2 Tom Chambers Peter O Malley
3 Joe McEvilly Martin S. Calvey
4 Pat Donnellan Thomas McGlynn

7)      Ram Lamb

  Open Confined
1 Willie McNea Gerard O Malley
2 Padraig Lydon Ray Cafferkey
3 Pat Donnellan Grace Cooney
4 Tom Chambers John Lee

8)      Aged Ram

  Open Confined
1 Tom Mulchrone Gerard O Malley
2 Joseph O Malley Stephen O Malley
3 Amy Kilker Kieran O Malley
4 John Roland Johnathan Fadian

9)      Hogget Ram

  Open Confined
1 Connie Joyce Gerard O Malley
2 Gerard Joyce John Fadian
3 Conor Kilker Stephen O Malley
4 Peter O Malley Lee Mooney

Overall Champion Confined ( Martin O Malley Mem. Cup):  Gerard O Malley
Overall Champion (Patsy Gallagher Mem. Cup):  Willie McNea