Chairperson Dermot Cooney

Chairperson Dermot Cooney

A special welcome and thanks to all the farmers who have exhibited at our show over the past 27 years. The high quality of the sheep on view from the outset has made our show one of the most acclaimed hill sheep shows in the west. We have enjoyed meeting shepherds from far and wide and look forward to seeing you all in the years to come. Many thanks to all the judges, whose hard work and expertise have contributed to the success of the show.

I would like to thank all the children in the local national schools for their continued art work, which has been a huge success over the years; to all the people who have taken the time to grow vegetables, both the unusual and the giant ones; to those who have produced stunning floral arrangements for our horticulture section and to the devoted bakers over the years for their contributions to the cookery competition. Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to the Sheep Show.

A special mention and thank you to the committee members and volunteers, past and present, who have worked tirelessly not only this year, but over the past 27 years; to the team from the Country Market and the Women’s Group, for their continued support of the Sheep Show. Thank you also to those people who have attended and demonstrated their specialist crafts, basket weaving and spinning wool, to name a few.

In recent times, everyone’s life has been affected by the recession. That is why we are making a special effort this tear to look after all our supporters, both participation farmers and sponsors who have travelled from far and wide, and the next village, for the past 27 years. To our loyal sponsors who have continued to support us, we are very grateful to them in these hard times.

Thank you to Michael and Kathleen Patten and their family for providing the venue and facilities.

Bainigí pléisiúr agus taitneamh as an suíomh idirlíon, ag comóradh an taispeántas speisialta seo. Fad saoil agaibh uilig agus go méadaigh Dia bhúr stór.

Dermot Cooney,
Achill Sheep Show Committee 2013